b'One Month Prior File Change of Address forms with the postal service Make arrangements to move your personal belongings and furniture, either by phoning a moving company or arranging for a rental truck. Gather boxes and other moving supplies that you might need. Plan your travel route to your new home. Be mindful of any bridges or overpasses that might have a clearance restriction.Create a folder to keep moving expense reciepts, as some of these are tax deductible. Lodging, meals, and fuel are some of the items you can claim on your taxes. Develop a plan for packingpacking the things you will use most, pack last, then ensuring those items that you will need first when you arrive at your new home will be available. Notify family, friends, and businesses of your move.Notify federal and state tax authorities, as well as any other government agencies.srqpr.com 31 941-777-0424'