b'Whos Involved in the Purchase of Your Home?When it comes to negotiating the purchase of a home, these are the parties involved that will have an influence on the agreed upon prices and conditions: You, the Buyerare looking to find a home that fits your needs and make a sound investment The Buyers SRQ Premier Realty Agent the real estate agent charged with negotiating on your behalf and looking out for your best interests The Sellerlooking to sell their home and get the highest price andbest return on their investment The Sellers Agentthe real estate agent who will protect the interests and negotiate the price and terms on behalf of the seller The Home Inspection companyenlisted by the buyers to find issues (large or small) with the home to give you further negotiating power and knowledge of what you might be purchasing The Appraiser will appraise the homes value objectively on behalf of the lender Mortgage lender or Bank will oversee the lending process, mortgage options, and closing Title Company ensures a clear title and transfer of propertysrqpr.com 17 941-777-0424'