b'Make an Offer on The Home of Your ChoiceAfter you have likely looked at several houses and picked the house of your dreams, youll be ready to take the next step to make an offer! Your SRQ Premier Realty agent will help you write up the offer, including the sales price and clauses, then will act as your advocate and present your offer, representing your interests to the other party.Negotiate the Details with the Seller or Sellers AgentOnce the seller views your offer, they will very likely prepare a counteroffer. With the help of your expert negotiator SRQ Premier Realty agent, the parties will go back and forth until both sides accept the offer. During this process, your SRQ Premier Realty agent will offer insights and suggestions on how to proceed. Once all parties have agreed to the price, terms and conditions, you will enter in to contract! srqpr.com 25 941-777-0424'