b'IdentifyingyourMust-HavesandNice-to-HavesWe cant help but daydream about living in a new home, thinking about how we would decorate and creating our own special spaces, but even amidst the dreaming, its important that we make TWO lists when considering a home for purchase.The first, and most important list, is the Must-Have list. This is your list of non-negotiable things that your home needs to have. Do you work from home and need a space suitable for your business? Do you have mobility limitations and need a one-floor home or one with few stairs? Do you plan to add to your family in the near future and need multiple bedrooms? Is cooking gourmet meals your passion and you just have to have a large kitchen?The second list is for all those features that you would like, but you could do without if you found a great home that boasted all your Must-Haves. An in-ground pool, perhaps? Large picture windows with an open view of a large backyard? Brand new appliances? This is the daydream list, filled with those things that you really want, but are negotiable. srqpr.com 19 941-777-0424'