b'Table of CONTENTSUnderstanding the04 Things to Think About When23Housing Market Considering a HomeReal Estate Market Cycles 05 Virtual Home Viewing 23Is Now a Good Time to Buy?What If I Want to Purchase a Home2406 Through a Builder?Pre-Purchase Preparation 07 Make an Offer on The Home of Your25Choice and Negotiate the Details Are You Ready to Buy? 08 with the Seller or Sellers Agent Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage 09 The Real Estate Closing Process 26What You Need to Know About Your09Credit Score Purchasing and Closing27Loan Application Checklist 10 the DealHiring a Real Estate Professional 11 Have your Home Inspection and28Appraisal DoneWhos Involved in the Purchase17 Understanding the Repair Limitsof Your Home? 30Let the House-Hunting18 Secure your Financing 31Begun Understand the Closing Costs 31Identifying your Must-Haves19 The Official Closing 32and Nice-to-Haves Celebrate and Move In! 3210 Things to Consider When20 Moving ChecklistChoosing Your New Home 33Explore the Neighborhoods 21 Our Commitment to You 34Look at Homes! 22srqpr.com 3 941-777-0424'