b'Secure your FinancingSince youve already seen your lender to get pre-approved, its now a matter of securing the funds for the sales amount agreed upon. You will finalize the details like the down payment, the interest rate, the payment schedule and sign the papers.Understand the Closing CostsOne thing that every homebuyer needs to be aware of, especially first-time buyers, are the closing costs. Typically, this works out to about 3-4% of the cost of the home you are purchasing. For example, a $400,000 home would have approximately $12,000 to $16,000 in closing costs. These are the things that need to be paid by the buyer: Home inspectionState recording fees Property appraisalProperty taxes, Utilities, and condo fees Property surveyMortgage default insurance Deposit (down payment)Escrow fees Title insuranceLegal fees and disbursements Property insuranceNew home warranties Land transfer taxMoving costsCommissions are usually paid by the seller, but there are occasions when the commission for the sale of the house comes out of your pocket. Talk to yourSRQ Premier Realty agent and read all documentation carefully so you understand the commission structure.srqpr.com 31 941-777-0424'