b'SafetyA real estate professional is like TSA for homeowners. No one gets through your doors without being vetted. SRQ Premier Realty has the ability to schedule showings virtually or in person and ensure that every precaution is taken for the security and safety of your family. From digital lockboxes to appointment scheduling tools - selling your home with a professionalagentassuresthatshowingyourhomedoesnthavetobescarytobe successful.NegotiationThere has never been another time in the history of real estate where buyers have more accesstoinformationandahigherlikelihoodoftheirownrealestaterepresentation than right now. They are savvy and knowledgeable, and their goal, understandably is to purchaseahomefortheleastamountofmoneywithtermsthatmostfavortheir interests. Thats why it is so important to have an experienced professional on your side who can navigate contract negotiations, multiple-bidding situations, fair terms, and legal loopholes.TimeAt last count, there are 184 actions, steps, procedures, processes, and tasks involved in completing a real estate transaction from listing to contract to close. Its time consuming and involves careful attention to details. In a time when most homeowners are already on overload and overwhelmed just with the responsibilities of life and careers, taking on the full-time job of selling a home is a tall order.Knowledge and PreparationSRQ Premier Realty can expertly guide you through every step of preparing your home andyourfamilyforasuccessfulsales.Withmarketknowledge,stagingsavvy,and trusted tips and tools for every part of the process, you can feel confident navigating each step of the way with us by your side.srqpr.com 11 941-777-0424'