b' Make sure all light bulbs are working in the house. Cleanoutanydirtyspaces,washwallsandbaseboards,bathtubs, showers, floors,getcarpetsshampooed,cleankitchensandremove stains on driveways. Consider hiring a professional home-stager to stage your home for sale. They knowtheinsandoutsofhowtoaccentuateyourhomesbest features and lighting.Consider landscaping your yard. This will add tremendous curb appeal to yourhome, and potential buyers will see that your home has been well maintained. Wash all windows, inside and outside. Clean out the garage and get it organized. Take care of any bad odors before every showing.Somehomeownersdecidenottodoanyrenovations,believingthatthenew ownerswouldratherchoosewhattheywant.However,keepinmindthatmost buyersareputtingtheirresourcesintopurchasingthehome,andmaynotbe able to renovate for a while.In competitive marketsenticing the right buyers means youre not just in a price competitionyoure in a beauty pageant with other homes as your competition.Every little bit counts. Potential buyers consider how much work they will have to put into the home, and thus, may submit a lower offer with that work and cost in mind.Foratrueevaluationanddetailedlistofwhatisnecessarytogetyourhouse ready for market, ask a SRQ Premier Realty professional for advice.srqpr.com 22 941-777-0424'