b'Real estate professionals rely on the numbers and so should you.Using Comparative Market Analysis tools,SRQ Premier Realtyagents pull data fromrecentlistings,sales,andhomessoldintheareathathavecomparable characteristics (number of bedrooms, baths, square footage, acreage, etc.) of your home to determine Fair Market Value.While its tempting to slightly overprice a property, believing that you can always come down during negotiation, potential buyers will have access to the same info whenit comestoassessingthevalueofyourhome,andwillasktheiragents advice.77% of sellers make this mistake, and heres why you shouldnt.What happens when you overprice a property: Youre helping your competition. A higher price point will send the prospective buyers expecting bigger, better, and more amenities to the competing listings to get more for less. Agents wont be on board. Savvy agents, committed to helping their buyers get as much value for their investment will shy away from an obviously overpriced listing. Appraisalsdumpthedeal.Iftheappraisalfallsshortoftheaskingprice, historically the buyer will withdraw the offer or the sellers have to come down on price to keep things together. If the deal falls through, valuable time is lost. The Listing Gets Stale. Homes for sale get the most exposure during the first 30daysofalistingorinaSellersMarketthefirstDAYSofthelisting.If overpriced, especially in a competitive market, it will sit. That leads to questions of potential risks or problems with the property. The longer a property is on the market, the more people (agents and buyers) will ask, Whats wrong with it? You lose valuable time. Overpriced listings will always take longer to sell. Add to that the risk of an appraisal going sour and having to start over and youre looking at an investment of both time and money that can potentially be wasted. Youcreatestressonyourfamily.Whenyouputyourhomeonthemarket, ensuring that it is show condition to be previewed by potential buyers is just part of the process. The longer a listing takes to sell because of price, the longer you and your family will be inconvenienced by having to maintain that buyer-ready perfection.srqpr.com 16 941-777-0424'