b'Real Estate Market CyclesTherealestatemarketislikemanythingsinlifeandbusiness constantly changing! Thats not a bad thing! Whats important is to have a resourcethatyoucantrusttomakesurethatyouvegotasolid understanding of what market trends mean for you, and your buying and selling power. There are three types of real estate markets:A Sellers MarketThishappenswhentherearefewerhouseson themarketandthebuyersaretheones competing for the properties. This is often when youseemultiple-offersituations,andpurchase price sometimes higher, even much higher than the list price. This market favors the sellers.A Buyers MarketThis happens when there is a flood of properties onthemarketandhomesellersaretheones competingtoattracttheattention(andsecure thecontract)fromamuchsmallerpoolof buyers.Inthismarket,youllseelowerprice points and terms that favor the buyers.A Balanced MarketThishappenswhenthereisamoreeven balance between properties for sale and buyers coming into the market. This market is the fairer and more equitable of the three, but is much less common than its two counterparts. srqpr.com 5 941-777-0424'