b'Whos Involved in The Sale of Your Home?Whenitcomestonegotiatingapossiblesale,thesearetheparties involved that will have an influence on the agreed upon final sale price: You,theSeller,interestedingettingthebestpossiblereturnon investment and terms. SellersSRQPremierRealty Agent,whowillworkhardonyour behalf to protect your interests and get you the most for your home in the shortest possible time. The Buyers, who are looking to get a great deal and pay the least money possible. The Buyers Agent, whos loyalty is to the Buyers to represent their interests. TheHomeInspectioncompany,hiredbytheBuyers,whomay findissues (largeorsmall)withyourhometogivetheBuyers further opportunity to negotiate. The Appraisers, if there is a question over the value of the home. Lender or Bank Representative, oversees the lending process and close. Title Company, to ensure clear title and transfer of property.Inmostcases,thereisonlyonepersonwhocommunicateswithevery entity on this list from contract to close and thats the Selling Agent. Think of them as the Director of the show that is the home selling process.Much liketheirBroadwaycounterparts,theyexpertlydirecteveryplayerto ensure a masterfully produced and successful show.srqpr.com 12 941-777-0424'