b'In-Person Showings of Your HomeOnce your home is officially on the market, showings can begin! If you are conducting in-person showings and you are listed with a broker,theappointmentswillbemadeandcoordinatedthrough your listing agent. The buyers will be accompanied by their agent when they come to view your home.There are a few things about showings to keep in mind that we always discusswithpotentialclientswhiletheyareconsideringselling,and may be thinking of first trying to sell their home on their own. Here are 10precautionsweliketosharewitheveryhomesellerthroughthis process:1. Show by appointment only and document. As real estate professionals, we pre-qualify everyone who comes through the door. We have identification information that can include their drivers license and license plate for safety reasons. You should do the same if attempting to sell yourself.2. Share that information with a trusted friend. Give someone a heads up when you are planning on showing property and make it clear that an outside source has it for safe-keeping.3. Dont host open houses alone. Its good to have a second set of eyes and ears when showing property.4. Keep financial information and family calendars under wraps. Unscrupulous people can use that information to steal your identity or see what times your home might be vulnerable to thieves based on your schedule.5. Keep valuables locked up.Anything in plain view such as jewelry, laptops, electronics, moneyall are vulnerable during property tours.6. Open shades, blinds, and curtains so that activity INSIDE can be seen from the OUTSIDE. This deters criminal activity.7. Dont get boxed in. Dont let yourself be followed into a room so that the exit door can be blocked or locked with you inside. The same is true of your car. Dont leave your car in the driveway to be blocked in.8. Check your locks. Before a showing, make sure your deadbolts and doors are unlocked for quick exits, then re-lock when your showing is over.9. Carry your phone with you at all times. Always have access to a lifeline and 911.10.Trust your gut. If people are hovering in one room too long, or they are grouped together with one or more trying to distract you, or even asking too many personal questionsthose are all red flags that they could be a potential danger.Better stilllet a SRQ Premier Realty agent handle all showings to most ensure your familys safety. We have specific safety training and take enormous precautions.srqpr.com 25 941-777-0424'